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The Holiday Season for Chocolate Desserts

                    The holiday season is the perfect time to indulge in delicious chocolate desserts. As chocolate is a year-round favorite with seasonal sales spikes in October, December, February, and April, it’s no surprise that this season's trend is for classic desserts with pure cocoa flavors. Consumers are always seeking exciting experiences, and being part of the seasonal product offerings is essential. Our assortment of fine baking chocolate, ranging from good to better to best, provides plenty of options for your dessert offerings.

Europa comprises a range of price-competitive couverture that deliver outstanding results. Made in Belgium.


Europa White Chocolate 28%

A milky, creamy taste with caramel and vanilla notes in perfect balance.

Europa Milk Chocolate 61%

A warm, fragrant chocolate flavor with a slight spicy note. 

Instant White Chocolate Flavor Mousse 

The first Mousse Mixes that really taste home-made. Easy preparation and time saving. 

Carma blends Swiss craftsmanship with exquisite flavors, offering a curated palette of ingredients and a commitment to sustainable chocolate.


Carma Milk Claire 33%

Milk Claire 33% is an all-time favorite, with a subtle caramel taste and a malty finish.

Carma White Nuit Blanche 

Made with real Swiss cream for a creamy texture and smooth finish. 

Carma Dark Fahey 52%

Dark Fahey 52% is a winning Vegan chocolate couverture loved by many for its taste and application.

Amedei's chocolate creations are the perfect balance of ingredients, textures, and aromas, resulting in their international recognition and numerous awards.  


Amedei Dark Chocolate 90%

The drops are ideal for confectionery and for adding a touch of elegance to your desserts or coffee service.

Amedei Dark Chocolate 70%

Notes of tobacco, roasted malt and cedar wood. 

Amedei Latte 

Notes of caramel, white flowers and cream.