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La Rose Noire: High Quality, Premium Pastry

La Rose Noire, founded by Gerard Dubois, brings childhood passion for chocolate and pastry to life in the South Philippines. La Rose Noire provides fresh and frozen-made products to professional kitchens, hotels, and other fine establishments. 


La Rose Noir Carolines 

Crafted with the finest ingredients and filled with six original flavors. 

La Rose Noir Waffle Cones 

Our waffle cones are very thin, hand-coated, and come in a wide variety of flavors. 

La Rose Noir  Macarons

Made with the finest ingredients, filled with pâte de fruit, and finished with hand-painted chocolate. 

Haco is Swiss Innovation, Quality, and Tradition

HACO Swiss is known for individual and innovative food products. Their tailor-made, high-quality foodservice products, including soup and sauce bases, are developed for customer needs and are distributed worldwide.


Haco Swiss Tomato Soup Mix

A rich and creamy tomato soup, well-seasoned with a traditional tomato flavor.

Haco Swiss Beef Base Paste 

Excellent for fortifying stocks, soups, sauces, and gravies made from scratch

Haco Swiss  Bechamel Sauce

Velvety white sauce offering a wide range of possible applications

High Quality Shelf-Stable Italian Sauces and Vegetables

Menu Italian canned and jarred sauces and shelf-stable vegetables are made with the best quality products, like vine-ripened tomatoes picked at the peak of perfection. Their wide range of high-quality products have made their range a chefs' favorite worldwide.


MENU Pomodorina Sauce 

Made with celery, carrots, onions, fresh basil, and only non-GMO, freshly picked Roma tomatoes, this sauce's vibrant color and ripe tomato aroma look and taste fresh from your garden.

MENU Roman Artichokes

Our Italian artichokes are picked at the peak of the season, hand-peeled, and simply cooked.

MENU Cherry Tomatoes 

Cherry tomatoes, grown in Italy and hand picked when perfectly ripe.

Luxury in Simplicity

Cipriani Food, based in Meolo, is renowned for its top-quality Italian crafted products. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Cipriani also offers a range of products inspired by Harry's Bar and traditional Italian cuisine. Their distinctive style and commitment to local produce have made them a global success.


Cipriani Food Organic Tagliolini Egg Pasta 

These ribbons of egg pasta are round and thin and require a short cooking time. Seven fresh eggs processed with precision, energy, and patience. 

Cipriani Food Virgin Bellini 

White peach puree and soda - A great and glamorous drink for everyone, mixed with sparkling wine, it is the famous BELLINI.

Cipraini Food Basil Pesto

100% Tuscan basil, a pesto with a strong taste, made with 100% extra virgin olive oil. 

Quality Olives Start with Frutto d'Italia

Frutto D'Italia produces top-quality olive products from heritage orchards that the company has overseen for generations. Their wide range and unsurpassed quality ensure your recipes, cocktails, and other applications will always be top notch.


Frutto d'Italia Calabrese Chili

Each of these rich red peppers have a distinct pallet stimulating flavor.

Frutto d'Italia Pitted Olive Antipasto

A fully seasoned blend of pitted Italian olives and bell peppers that will add color and taste to any meal or recipe.

Frutto d'Italia

Large and meaty, these beautiful olives have a ripe, delicate flavor that is preserved in a mild brine. 

Italian Top-Quality Chocolate begins with Amedei

Amedei Toscana, based in Tuscany, is renowned worldwide for its artisanal chocolate. With a focus on quality and dedication, Amedei selects the finest ingredients and uses traditional techniques to create chocolates with unique aroma profiles. Each creation is a work of art that embodies the magic of Tuscany.


Amedei Latte Chocolate

Notes of caramel, white flowers and cream.

Amedei 70% Dark Chocolate 

Notes of tobacco, roasted malt and cedar wood. 

Amedei 90% Dark Chocolate 

Notes of white flowers and drinking chocolate.