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Conservas Ortiz "Bonito del Norte" White Tuna in Olive Oil

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  • Country of Origin Spain
  • Seafood Type Bonito del Norte
  • Preparation in Olive Oil
Spanish White Tuna are a delicacy. They are caught in the early summer when they come into the Bay of Biscay in pursuit of schools of anchovies. Conservas Ortiz practices sustainable fishing. The tuna are pole caught by trolling with live bait. Selective fishing prevents depletion of reserves and there is no wasteful by-catch. No nets are employed, therefore, it is dolphin-safe. Firm and tasty.
Use this firm, tasty tuna to stuff tomatoes or peppers, in a salad dressed with an extra virgin olive oil scented with mandarin or lemon and wine vinegar or stirred intro a jarred arrabiata sauce to serve over bucatini or a warming supper.