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A L'Olivier Raspberry Fruit Vinegar

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  • Fruit Pulp Vinegars Yes
  • Country of Origin France
  • Region NICE
  • Vinegar type Fruit Vinegar
An amazing condiment with tangy notes made from a subtle blend of vinegar and raspberry purée. A perfect balance between acidity and sweet taste, with a touch of freshness and woody notes. Made with 40% fruit pulp, this unique thick pulp-filled vinegar adds a burst of fresh fruit and flavor to your culinary explorations.
  • Made with 40% fruit pulp
This delicious and versatile fruit vinegar pairs divinely with double-thick pork chops. Add a splash to the hot pan after searing and stir up and dissolve all the bits to make a delicious sauce. Replace the orange juice in your cranberry sauce recipe, use in a vinaigrette paired with Basil Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a summery salad of French breakfast radishes, Persian cucumbers, and cantaloupe, or solo on a combination of red and golden beets with oranges and raspberries.