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Cipriani Food Eloise Mediterranean Tonic Water 6X4/200 ML

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Enjoy it neat for an easy drink. When mixed, it wisely blends freshness, bitterness, and those Mediterranean spices everyone dreams about. A refined tonic water with a fresh and aromatic tone, suitable to accompany the best Gin and Spirits. It re-proposes the Mediterranean lifestyle by re-proposing the typical scents of the Italian summer. Perfect for giving a delicate and fruity tone to all drinks. Without dyes, allergens, and gluten. Non-GMO. Sugar is only from the most controlled Italian supply chain. Cinchona bark extract from South America. It is a natural flavoring whose botanical source is the Cinchona succirubra Pavon. Natural citrus-based flavors (lemon, lime, and mandarin). Water from the pre-Alps to combine everything.